Paper knots at the Wing Luke Museum in Seattle. | Photo Sara Hayden

Let’s talk story together.

Inspired by my experience as someone of mixed Asian descent, I’m a journalist who seeks out stories about identity and preserves them.

If you have a story tip or are willing to share a story from your life that is related to Asian/Pacific American history or experience in whole or in part, participate by adding yours to the mix for the Let’s Talk Story program. It’s easy!

  1. Pick a topic. Get inspired by ideas below.
  2. Pick a medium. All fair game: podcasts, photos, videos, the written word, or a combination of the above, or maybe even something else entirely.
  3. Share! Fill out the contact form here.

Examples of what stories might relate to:

Identity. How has your race, culture, gender, sexuality affected your experience?

Community. How has the community you live in affected how you self-identify? Does it support you? Hinder you?

Family. Who’s your family? What is your relationship like with them?

Tradition. How do you preserve what’s been passed down to you?

Breaking convention. What’s expected of you? Do you follow that? Have you ever strayed from that? To what effect?

Food, holidays, arts, language. How do you communicate with your relatives? Do you speak another language? How did you learn? If not, what are your feelings about that? What do you celebrate? What do you eat? What type of arts, sports, music do you like to do or admire? Why?

Prejudice. Have you ever felt affected by stereotypes or been treated a certain way that made an impression on you because of how you look or who you are?

Something else. What matters most to you? What do you want to talk about?

To submit an idea for consideration, email me using the form below. I hope to hear from you soon! – Sara